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What is Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is the process that involves designing, engineering, and production of products or product lines that fit the standards and requirements of each customer. Aiming for custom manufacturing requires implementing and mastering various machining and fabrication operations, including CNC machining, injection molding, cutting, welding, stamping, 3D printing, and many more. To satisfy the customer’s unique specifications, our manufacturing team prioritizes their needs by providing them with the best end products of their choice.

Characteristics of Custom Manufacturing

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JIAHUI's business positioning -

Our Business Positioning

Undoubtedly, the globalization of manufacturing has created new challenges for small business manufacturers. This is because, primarily, business strategies prefer something other than serving SMEs due to the potential difficulties they encounter.

We truly understand the unique challenges and opportunities these companies face in obtaining high-quality services from large manufacturing companies. Unlike other industry giants, we do not prioritize servicing larger clients with more significant revenue potential.

JHC carefully addresses the specific needs and requirements of small startups and medium-sized companies by providing them with excellent quality customized products at significantly affordable prices.


JIAHUI's Business Strategies -

Core Competency

After working with dynamic industries worldwide and entertaining global customers with enriched experiences, we outshine our competitors. Prioritizing high-quality, reliable, efficient, and customized precision products makes us an ideal manufacturing partner for our customers.

High quality

From raw material procurement and product manufacturing to finished product shipment, we provide top-notch parts with 100% quality inspection and 99% customer satisfaction.

High precision

Our advanced automation and high-precision equipment ensure a scientifically controlled production process and advanced equipment that exceeds industry standards.

High cost performance

We offer cost-effective solutions, including reduced raw material cost, employee training, and cost management, to ensure unbeatable value for our customers.

Comprehensive technical support

JHC offers presales program support that provides optimized solutions for various aspects, from material selection to cost planning.
Our installation and commissioning services allow you to have onsite or online meetings with our engineers and technical assistance.
You can avail of after-sales services 365 days a year with a fast and timely response within 24 hours.

Full process service

JHC also offers a full-process service, mastering over 50 processes, including R&D, mold verification, die casting, forging, electroplating, polishing, surface treatment, and more.

Worry free return service

We guarantee customer satisfaction with our worry-free return and exchange service, where we actively respond and solve any problem with the supplied parts. Above all, we implement necessary rework or refund policies for the tremendous satisfaction of our customers.

Professional Staff

Being obsessed with professionalism, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, including 30+ engineers and technical workers with extensive knowledge, rich experience, and innovative abilities.

Professional equipment

Our advanced equipment includes
• five-axis linkage machining centers,
• CNC grinding machines,
• CNC lathes, and
• other high-precision production equipment needed to meet various processing needs with excellence.

Professional experience

Our dedicated team has strong and extensive experience in conducting research and developing high-precision manufacturing parts accompanied by technological transformations and advancements.

Perfect management system

Since the inception of JHC, we have established a unique factory production management system and standards. Our company has earned the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

Excellent management team

Our core management team is a dynamic group with a wealth of working experience, industry vision, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in management.

Exploring intelligent plants

Lean production management drives our enterprise to explore intelligent factories with networked production equipment, visualized production data, paperless documentation, and unmanned production sites.

Fast delivery

JIAHUI prides itself on fast delivery, guaranteed by our lean production planning team and efficient ERP system that strives to locate delivery bottlenecks and take countermeasures accordingly.

Quick quotation

Our quotations are quick, accurate, and effective. Thanks to our comprehensive material, cost database, and efficient pricing model that help us improve our response time.

Wide industry resources

We also own a wide range of industry resources to respond quickly to procurement and post-processing needs, including raw material suppliers and external partners for surface and heat treatment.

Manufacturing Process

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