In today’s competitive marketplace, several leading companies rely on Jiahui for their exceptional capabilities of rapid prototyping and manufacturing needs. Despite the complexity of the projects, our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled engineers and technicians can handle your order effectively.

Our fast and cost-effective solutions enable our clients to reach the market quickly and confidently. Depending on the needs of each client, we can provide various services, including designing, engineering, prototyping, and production. JHC’s quality control process ensures that all manufacturing parts meet the highest performance and quality standards.

JIAHUI Equipments -



CNC Knurling Machine

CNC Lathe

Horizontal L-Type CNC Bending

Laser Cutting Machine

TAKISAWA CNC Turning Lathe

CNC Milling Turning Machine

Management System

Since the inception of JHC, we have maintained the perfect management system to offer splendid services to meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. Whether it’s rapid prototyping or parts manufacturing, our vetted experts guarantee the on-time delivery of high-precision products to boost your business.


Quality Management System

JHC takes pride in earning an ISO 9001:2015 certificate for its unique quality management system. Our highly skilled management team applies strict quality control standards at each production step, from design plans to complete the part and its packaging. Moreover, with our advanced testing equipment's assistance, we inspect each product's quality once the final product is obtained. Our management team's experience and enterprising, entrepreneurial spirit enable our company to earn excellence in quality management.

Manufacturing Process

Our company has the ability to deal with more than 50 manufacturing processes skilfully and efficiently. We allow our customers to choose the manufacturing volume and other secondary methods per their project needs. JIAHUI lets you avail yourself of various processes for batch manufacturing, such as CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and casting. In addition, our sheet metal fabrication and many other techniques can aid you in meeting your large-volume manufacturing needs. Above all, we are not only limited to prototyping and part production. Instead, we offer excellent surface treatment processes, including powder coating and polishing.

Service Process

We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers by offering excellent services. Our skilled engineers are always ready to guide the clients on-site or online and provide perfect optimizing solutions. After delivering quick and effective product quotations, we confirm the order and start production immediately. Also, our company promises on-time, safe delivery of the products and offers after-sale services to our customers to solve their problems as soon as possible.


JHC strictly follows factory discipline and regulations to ensure the employees' best performance. After the confirmation of the order, our expert technicians negotiate and set quality standards for each production step. Apart from that, our workshop employees ensure the pre-production preparations (equipment configuration, preparation of relevant tools, etc.) and timely supply of raw materials to the engineers. In addition, we keep detailed records of every aspect of our company. Whether it's employees' records, the production and end date of each order, or quality inspection records, JHC has complete checks and balances. On top of that, safety is our top priority. We strictly prohibit the entry of all flammables and fires in the workshop for fire protection. We always strive to take adequate measures to enhance the working atmosphere and increase the morale of the production line staff.


JIAHUI takes pride in earning the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification, which reflects our consistently delivering quality products to clients that meet or exceed their expectations.


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