What are the basic principles of sheet metal bending processing sequence?

The basic principles of the sheet metal bending processing sequence involve the following steps:

  1. Design: Start by designing the desired shape and dimensions of the sheet metal part. This includes determining the bend angles, bend radius, and overall dimensions.
  2. Material Preparation: Cut the sheet metal to the required size and remove any burrs or sharp edges that may interfere with the bending process.
  3. Tooling Selection: Choose the appropriate tooling for the bending process, including the punch, die, and any additional tooling, such as spring-back compensators or back gauges.
  4. Setup: Set up the bending machine or press by installing the selected tooling and adjusting the machine settings for the specific material and thickness.
  5. Positioning: Position the sheet metal on the bending machine, aligning it with the punch and die. Use clamps or fixtures to secure the sheet metal in place.
  6. Bending: Turn on the machine to exert pressure on the sheet metal and bend it to the required shape. The bending process can be performed using an earlier bending method, such as V-bending or U-bending.
  7. Check and Adjust: After each bend, check the angle and dimensions of the bent part using measuring tools such as calipers or angle gauges. Make any necessary adjustments to the tooling or machine settings to achieve the desired results.
  8. Repeat: If multiple bends are required to achieve the final shape, repeat the bending process, ensuring proper alignment and positioning for each bend.
  9. Post-Bending Operations: After the bending process is complete, additional operations such as trimming, deburring, or surface finishing may be required to achieve the final desired appearance and functionality of the part.

These are the general principles of the sheet metal bending processing sequence. Depending on the equipment being used and the complexity of the part, different steps and techniques may be required.

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